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Tres Lagunas Golf Course

Tres Lagunas Golf Course

Santa Rosa is an excellent place to enjoy the outdoors, and golfing is a fun activity to do if you need a break from exploring the city sights or driving. Tres Lagunas Golf Course, or Santa Rosa Golf Course, is one of the few golf courses you’ll find in the area, but it’s good enough that you don’t need too many other options for golfing.

Tres Lagunas Golf Course opened in 1971 on Chuck N Dale Lane. It’s an intimate course that offers a lot of fun and activities when you visit. Many people consider it to be a great value golf course thanks to the exceptional staff, reasonable prices, and fun you’ll have.

Some of the things to do at the Tres Lagunas Golf Course include:

  • Play a round of golf
  • Practice your swing
  • Buy Equipment

Play a round of golf

The main attraction at the Tres Lagunas Golf Course is the 9-hole golf course. It offers over 3,000 yards of golfing with the course par set at 36. There’s plenty of open space around Santa Rosa, so the course didn’t hold anything back when designing it. It has incredible views of the plains and lake, hence the name. The well-manicured putting green gives it a professional feel as you put.

It’s a great exercise to walk in between puts, but you can also rent out golf carts to ride in between holes.

The best time to visit the course is during the morning when you’ll most likely have the course to yourself. You’ll be able to take your time trying to set up the perfect shot in an attempt to get the coveted hole-in-one.

Practice your swing

Golf professionals aren’t the only ones visiting the Tres Lagunas Golf Course. The course welcomes golfers of all skill levels to learn how to play the game from experts. There are a few ways to practice your swing.

Check out the driving range to practice hitting the ball a long distance. The course has an extensive driving range with 20 tees. Line up with a bucket full of balls and see how far you can hit it. It’s great for visiting multiple times till you perfect your swing before heading off for a round on the golf course.

Instructors are available onsite to practice with you. You can take mini-classes or chat with the golf experts to get tips and tricks on getting the perfect swing. The staff is amiable and supportive of all skill levels, so you won’t have to be shy about approaching them with questions. They’re there to help make you the best golfer you can be.

Buy Equipment

You don’t have to come prepared for the golf course, only with excitement to play golf! Tres Lagunas Golf Course has a Pro Shop for renting and buying equipment. You can rent some of the equipment for use out on the course or purchase something to take home.

The equipment includes golf clubs, bags, golf balls, clothing, and other merchandise. If you’re just visiting, pick up some of the branded merch to show that you’ve been to the course in Santa Rosa.

Address: 1127 Chuck N Dale Ln, Santa Rosa, NM 88435

Phone: (575) 472 4653

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