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Janes-Wallace Memorial Park and Power Dam

Janes-Wallace Memorial Park and Power Dam

Did you know that Santa Rosa is frequently called the “City of Natural Lakes”? It has numerous lakes surrounding the city, each with its own activities and scenic charm that makes it great for exploring the unique characteristics of each. The Janes-Wallace Memorial Park and Power Dam is a well-known lake destination for locals and tourists. It’s one of the best fishing spots in town, although there is a lot of discussion about improving the site.

About the “Lake Dam”

Power Dam Santa Rosa
Power Dam Santa Rosa

Janes-Wallace Memorial Park and Power Dam were built in 1929, made from concrete and other earthen materials, on the outskirts of Santa Rosa on El Rito Creek. It’s a spring-fed lake that originally covered nine acres, making it a significant aquatic habitat in the region.

Thanks to the water pressure and depth, it was established as a power dam to produce hydroelectric power for the nearby cities. For several decades, the power dam ran successfully until being damaged.

A flood breached the power dam during a storm in 1999. For years, it was left unrepaired, causing the water to resettle in its current position.

The damage reshaped the entire landscape of the Janes-Wallace Memorial Park – the reservoir pool held behind the dam resettled into the current spot; the lake size decreased from nine acres to four acres. Wild vegetation continues to grow surrounding the lake.

The power dam damage also greatly affected the local economy. With no electricity produced, a lot of jobs and money were lost in the process.

There have been plans to restore the dam and the habitat, although talks continue for now more than 20 years. The plan is a multi-million-dollar project to redevelop the aquatic habitat and beautify the area surrounding the dam. It’s frequently proposed in legislative bills but never gets the needed support from officials.


Despite the site’s current state, Janes-Wallace Memorial Park is one of the best places in Santa Rosa for fishing – more specifically, fly fishing. Fishing is a popular pastime for the Santa Rosa locals thanks to the numerous lakes, but the Janes-Wallace Memorial Park always provides the best experience.

People continue to make the lake a top fishing spot because of the diversity of fish. Some of the frequently caught fish include Rainbow trout, bass, walleye, catfish, and crappie. No other lakes near Santa Rosa are as diverse as Janes-Wallace Memorial Park.

In addition to its diversity, the waterway has an abundance of each of the fish. You’ll be amazed by the amount of fish swimming nearby. Because of the local climate conditions, Janes-Wallace Memorial Park is a year-round destination for fishing. All year, the fish will be available for recreational fishing.

Janes-Wallace Memorial Park and Power Dam isn’t the most scenic place, but it still makes an excellent place for a quiet day of fishing to catch a trophy fish.

Address: El Rito St, Santa Rosa, NM 88435

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