What Kind of Chlorine is Best for Your Pool?

The inflatable pools are undoubtedly one of the best places to share and be distracted with family or friends during vacation time or as a weekend project. Loved by children and young people, it offers endless fun to spend a sunny day during the hot summer. Therefore, to fully enjoy this, it is vital to implement accessories such as chlorine for swimming pools.

Using the best chlorine for swimming pools is the ideal way to maintain our pool with adequate hygiene and free of bacteria and other germs that can contain water and more if it is the smallest of the house who will enjoy it. It helps to create a suitable environment to use our pool without any worries. For this reason, chlorine is one of the most important accessories for the pool.

The offer of chlorine for swimming pools is wide and covers a wide variety of presentations with different properties each and different prices according to the type of chlorine selected. It may seem difficult to choose one of these or even learn to use it, however, its use is easier than it seems and you will learn to use the most appropriate one according to your needs.

Here you can learn about the different types of pool chlorine in the market that you can buy. Do not miss the opportunity to spend a pleasant time with the best company just because your pool is not suitable.

Characteristics and properties of chlorine for swimming pools

It is important to note first that chlorine for swimming pools is very different from what we usually use to clean our home. Chlorine for swimming pools has excellent antiseptic properties that help to effectively eliminate different sources of infection such as bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

The main compound of pool chlorine is sodium chloride (NaCl). This agent turns out to be a very effective salt in the preservation of water, helping it to remain pure for longer without being disturbed by other agents such as rainwater, tree leaves, earth, among others. This compound also serves to protect against harmful pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Sodium chloride (which is also the fundamental component of sea salt) acts through oxidation reactions, causing the destruction of bacterial cell forms as well as inhibiting their growth, becoming the most important agent at the time to protect our pool from all those harmful microorganisms.

For years chlorine has been attributed to the property of irritating the eyes of swimmers, and many even think that red eyes are an indicator that the amount of chlorine in the pool is too much. However, it has been shown that when the water in the pool causes eye irritation, it is because it does not have enough chlorine.

The so-called chlorine smell is another of the best-known properties of this pool accessory. In fact, a pool with proper maintenance should not have this characteristic smell, since it comes from chemical substances that accumulate in the water when it is not treated properly. The solution for this is simply due to the timely maintenance of the best available chlorine in the market.

Chlorine Types

Currently, different presentations of chlorine for swimming pools are available in the market All of them have different properties and half-life and should be used depending on the characteristics of the pool, the time to be used, and the conditions of the land. All these factors must be taken into account when buying chlorine for swimming pools.

The most common presentations are chlorine tablets, liquid chlorine, and granules. Any of these offers very good results when it comes to protecting the water in your pool from all those we want out of it. The prices of each one of the presentations also vary according to the quantity of the same, but in general, they turn out to be quite cheap and easy to buy.

Chlorine Tablets

They are the ideal method to perform routine maintenance for your pool. Chlorine tablets are perhaps the most widespread and commercialized chlorine presentation of all. It’s easy to use and the period of time between them makes it suitable for all those who have swimming pools in constant use as clubs and recreational centers.

The mechanism of action of these tablets is quite simple and practical to apply. When using them they dissolve in the water gradually. This causes the chlorine to be released in fair amounts for a long time, so the effect of the chlorine lasts longer over time than other presentations.

Another benefit of chlorine tablets is that, by gradually getting rid of and keeping its effect constant, no other substance is needed for pool cleaning, which helps keep water pH levels at optimal values. close to neutrality for use without any problem.

With quite low prices and clearance for quantity, chlorine tablets become an excellent option to keep the pool water clean and thus invite others to spend a pleasant day in the water.

Liquid Chlorine

Other presentations that are sold most in stores are liquid chlorine. As we said before, this chlorine is not the same one that we usually use at home to wash and clean but rather a type of chlorine specially created for the disinfection of large amounts of water that, like the tablets, is an ideal accessory for the maintenance of your pool.

Unlike chlorine tablets, this presentation is characterized by almost daily use and is specially designed as shock therapy. This means that it is used primarily for fast and deep cleaning against algae and other microorganisms that can inhabit the water in your pool if it has not been used for a long time.

To work properly, a constant amount of liquid chlorine is needed. Its price becomes quite low compared to other presentations. Undoubtedly the ideal cleaning method at the beginning of the summer season or to plan a different weekend in the middle of the routine.

Granulated or Powdered Chlorine

This is another of the presentations most commonly used for the disinfection and protection of swimming pools. Granulated chlorine is also used primarily for shock treatment. Which seeks to end algae and other elements that are in the pool water after a long period of time without using and without maintenance.

Its powder presentation helps a fairly fast and effective dilution. It is ideal to put your pool ready after a rainy day. It helps to quickly eliminate all dirt and other particles that may be a health hazard.

It is also the presentation with the lowest price in the market. Not much is required for use compared to other forms of chlorine, which is important to save a good amount of money. If you want to put your pool in ideal conditions to use it unexpectedly, this is undoubtedly the best option to get it ready immediately.

What kind of chlorine to use?

The ideal type of chlorine for your pool can be any of the 3 presentations mentioned above. However, each of them has specific moments in which the use of one, in particular, is recommended. This means that it is a good idea to have a little of each one to cover any need.

In the case of chlorine tablets, its recommended use includes routine maintenance of the pool. In most cases, a weekly tablet is required depending on the capacity of the pool to keep the water in optimal hygiene and purity conditions without the presence of external agents.

For its part, liquid and granulated presentations are especially used as shock therapy when the pool has a long period without the use and it is full of algae and other undesirable agents such as different microorganisms. These presentations offer to end these problems quickly and efficiently.

When using these last two versions, the pH value of the water must be taken into account, which must be monitored so that it remains between the recommended 7.2 and 7.6, so having a pH meter at home is of the best options to complement the maintenance of your pool.

How to place the chlorine in the pool?

Using chlorine for swimming pools does not require any previous preparation or special steps. In the case that it is liquid chlorine, just pouring the chlorine according to the manufacturer’s instructions will suffice for it to begin to take effect and its antiseptic and protective properties come to light. For another type of chlorine, you will need a chlorine dispenser which is placed in the pool.

What is really important in this case is to make sure you pour the right amount of chlorine into the pool that allows you to reach an adequate concentration to take effect without being short in the process or instead use too much chlorine and cause skin lesions and other vulnerable areas of users.

How to calculate the amount of chlorine needed in the pool?

As for the amount of chlorine to be used in any of the cases, it will depend on the total capacity of your pool. In the case of the tablets, a unit of 200 gr is usually recommended for every 20,000 liters of water capacity once a week to keep it in good condition and prevent the appearance of bacteria and other germs

For its part, in the case of liquid chlorine, the use of one liter of chlorine per 20,000 liters of water per day is required to comply with shock therapy. You can use up to double the dose, that is, 2 liters of chlorine for every 20,000 liters of water after a rainy day and you want to put the pool to top conditions.

For granulated chlorine, on the other hand, when also used as shock therapy, 20 grams per 10,000 liters of water are required every day. In the same way, as in the case of liquid chlorine, twice the dose can be used, up to 40 grams per 10,000 liters of water to use after a rainy day.

Where to buy chlorine for the pool?

There are many options to buy any of the presentations of pool chlorine. Of these, the best available to users is Amazon. On this site, you will find the best offers and the most complete variety that can be found for these and more pool accessories.

The variety of options is another of the virtues that characterize this company. It is practically possible to find almost all the most recognized products on the market, with the security and confidence that the site offers to make all kinds of purchases. The speed with which the product reaches our hands is also an important factor when buying through the site.

The product rating system and the comments and reviews that other buyers leave about the product is a very important element in Amazon. With this, it is possible to know the opinion of other users about the product, if it meets all the characteristics of your ad and if it is really worth making the necessary investment.

For these reasons, Amazon is the ideal place to buy chlorine for swimming pools. You can find all types of chlorine in different presentations and sizes for the most competitive prices in the market, with the satisfaction of purchase that only the site can offer.

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