How to Know Which is the Best Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners

Having a pool at home is a luxury and a great pleasure until it is time to clean it. Cleaning the pool on a hot day can be an overwhelming task. To avoid this there are pool cleaners, which can do all the work for you while you enjoy it.

If you want to buy a pool cleaner or a pool robot, but you don’t know which one to choose, continue reading to find out which is the best pool cleaner and what type you should buy.

Why Buy a Pool Cleaner Robot?

On hot days, swimming pools are one of the best ways to hang out and cool off. To use the pools it is important that it is in optimal conditions as far as hygiene is concerned. For this we must eliminate all the dirt that it may contain, this is where the pool cleaning robots enter.

As the name implies, they are devices designed to clean the inside of the pool, removing leaves, dust, and any other type of dirt that may contain water. So we can enjoy a nice bath.

Its main advantage is that they automatically clean the bottom and walls of the pool, to keep the water clean, in this way we will not waste time and energy cleaning the pool water. For this reason, they are one of the most important accessories for swimming pools.

I want to know which is the best pool cleaner

Unfortunately, it is not something we can tell you. Knowing which robot pool cleaner to buy will depend on many factors, such as size, mainly in wired models since if your pool is very large you should opt for a model with a larger cable. Other aspects to consider are the shape of the pool or the budget you have to buy a pool cleaner.

What we can do is show you a selection of the best pool cleaners for us. Each of these has different characteristics, so it is important that you analyze that meet your needs before acquiring one.

Pool cleaner brands

When buying a pool robot, the first question that arises is what brands are currently on the market. Today there are a lot of brands of pool cleaners. Below we will show you which are the best brands of cleaner.


Zodiac is a recognized brand in pool accessories, being a pioneer in pool cleaners. It has more than 120 years, developing the best technology and improving its products day by day.

Its main activity is products related to water maintenance and quality. They are responsible for manufacturing and selling innovative equipment for swimming pools, renewing the technology of their products incessantly, giving clear evidence of their commitment to users.


There are some products that you know you can always trust. Such is the case of Dolphin pool cleaners, with which you will obtain quality and excellent performance. Dolphin provides the security that your pool will be able to enjoy for hours.

Dolphin pool cleaners effectively clean all types of pools, regardless of their shape, size, and coating. Unlike hydraulic cleaners that get their energy from a pump or an external filter, Dolphin automatic cleaners have their own filtering system and are able to move freely throughout the pool, removing dirt from the water with its advanced brushing system.

This is the preferred brand for commercial swimming pool operators, such as hotels, schools, and swimming centers throughout the world. Since the water is completely clean after each cleaning cycle.


Intex Recreation Corp is a company founded in the mid-70s. From its beginnings to date it has specialized in recreational items for the garden. Its star products are inflatable pools and accessories for these. Its products are characterized by high quality and affordable prices so that the whole family can enjoy.

They manufacture from inflatable pools to balls, as well as all the necessary accessories to make the most of the pool. Intex pool cleaners are economical and are designed for all types of pools. You can find their articles in more than 100 countries around the world, including Spain.


Bestway is one of the largest manufacturers of pools and accessories for these worldwide. This includes inflatables to water sports items, and of course also pool robots. Bestway’s mission is to provide its customers with products of the highest quality to make the fun more lasting.

The company was founded in 1994 and to this day is one of the leading companies in the manufacture and sale of outdoor leisure products. Bestway has offices all over the world, in Spain it sells its products through the Amazon platform, having a great reputation on that site.

What pool cleaner to buy: Dolphin or Zodiac?

The cleaners by Dolphin brand are automatic devices, the main difference with other robots pool is not dependent on an external filter or purifier, as they have their own built-in filter, these run on electricity. They are able to move around the pool without problems, cleaning and removing dirt from the bottom of the pool, walls, and waterline. These can be used in both small and large pools.

As for Zodiac, this brand offers a wide variety of models and different types, among which we can find hydraulic, electric, or pressure. They are characterized by their ease of use, efficiency, and speed. Like Dolphin pool cleaners, they are capable of cleaning in pools of different sizes as well as in all types of coating.

Whichever brand you choose, you can be sure that you will get quality, not for nothing are the two brands that lead the pool cleaner market.

Guide to buying a pool cleaner

What are the best pool cleaners? What pool robot do you recommend? What cleaner did I buy? These are just some of the questions we receive from our readers. Then we will put an end to those questions.

When buying a pool cleaner, it is easy to get carried away by deceptive advertisements or buy the first robot cleaner that the seller recommends. To avoid falling into this error, we recommend analyzing the following aspects before buying a pool robot.

Type of pool cleaner

Currently, in the market, we can find different models of robots for swimming pools. First, there are the pool cleaners that work with hydraulic force, they get the energy to clean and move from the drains of the pools. They extract the water, filter it and it is returned to the water.

We can also find pool cleaners for electric pools. These have a motor that is connected to the current when turned on the robot will begin to move throughout the pool, cleaning floors and walls efficiently. Like the hydraulics, they return the water to the pool once clean.

Another variant of these models is pool cleaner with battery. The latter work just like an electric robot, the main advantage of these is that they do not have a power cord if the power outlet is far away we will have no problem turning it on.


Before buying a pool robot we must analyze the shape and size of our pool. In case we have a ladder, the robot may not be able to clean the bottom completely. In turn, it is important to analyze the size of the pool regardless of the type of pool cleaner we acquire.

In the case of hydraulics, it is best to opt for models that contain a large power hose, while the electric pool cleaners must take into account the size of the pool to verify that the length of the cable is adequate to be able to clean all of the pool.

Finally, battery robots are also important to acquire a model that fits our pool. There is no doubt that the cheapest ones will be the smallest ones, but it is always best to choose a larger one to be sure.

Maintenance and Installation

As a last factor to consider before buying a pool robot, but not least, we must analyze the installation of the robot as well as its maintenance.

Hydraulic models require a suction pump of at least 1 horsepower to ignite. While electric pool cleaners require a close outlet.

As for maintenance, the hydraulics do not require so much maintenance since they clean the water in the treatment plant and reintroduce it back into the pool, while the electric ones are ideal that the filter is easy to clean.

Whatever type of pool cleaner is chosen, the most important thing is that it is lightweight so that it can be easily transported and that its installation does not require much effort, since, in the end, the pool cleaner is to save us work. This does not always happen with the most economical pool cleaner models, for this reason, it is important to think about it before buying a pool robot and not only evaluate its price but also how it works.

Tips for cleaning the pool

Having the water in our pool in good condition can be a complicated task. But if you follow these little tips you will have a great result and without much effort.

To keep the water in our pool clean it is advisable to use products and accessories that help clean the water. The most commonly used is chlorine, as it keeps bacteria and microbes away from water. The quantities to be used are indicated in the container according to the liters of our pool. As for the accessories, the most commonly used are the treatment plants, the pH meters to control the level and the pool robots, which ensure that the water is clean.

In addition, we also recommend removing the leaves or debris that may fall in our pool every day. For this, it is recommended to use a maintenance kit with a pole net, this must be of an adequate length to be able to clean the entire pool.

Another important point would be to protect the pool with a cover while it is in disuse, with this we will prevent leaves from falling inside the pool or any residue.

How to install a pool robot?

When buying a pool, you must understand that it is essential to keep it clean, to avoid infections or diseases that can ruin your health or that of yours; That is why it is essential to know how to install a pool cleaner, its operation, and utility.

The size of the pool, its shape, its filtration, and coating system, are factors that determine the type of pool cleaner suitable for your pool.

Let’s see how each one of them is installed:

Manual pool cleaners

These cleaners are connected to the skimmer pipe or can also be connected to an integrated suction system. You just have to place the self-floating hose and the lever or pole to the nozzle and then to the suction system. It is necessary to pass in parallel lines, trying that the next pass step on the previous one and so on.

  • Open the suction or cleaner circuit; if necessary open the skimmer
  • You must connect the nozzle to the self-floating hose
  • Insert the pole into the fixing fork
  • Connect the hose to the suction system or to the skimmer
  • Direct the suction nozzle with the pole to properly clean the walls and bottom of the pool

Hybrid pool cleaners

These pool cleaners are coupled to the pool circuit, by means of the cleaning outlet or the skimmer. It works as an electric pool cleaner, as it is capable of transforming the flow of water into electrical energy. It works without any programming as follows:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assembling the cleaner parts. Do not forget to place the plastic disk, if you have it, as it facilitates its use on surfaces.
  • To make your pro-surface movement much more efficient, it is important to place the counterweight of the cleaner.
  • So that you can clean the entire pool, unite, one by one by pressing lightly, the necessary self- floating tube sections.
  • Before connecting the hydraulic cleaner, you must make sure to stop the pool pumping system.
  • Place the end of the respective tube in the cleaner.
  • Insert the pool cleaner into the pool with the hose, just leave out the section that will be used to make the connection.
  • Place the joint piece for the cleaner hose, when you have opened the skimmer waste tank lid.
  • Be sure to immerse the pool cleaner hose in the pool and fill it completely with water, to avoid air bubbles.
  • You must pass the hose through the skimmer’s mouth and connect it to its pipe.
  • For the cleaner to start working you must connect the debugging system.

Electric pool cleaner

These electric cleaners only require prior programming before assembling and they dutifully perform their task afterward. They have an outdoor device in which we can select floors, walls or both functions, of course, also options for operation and time, are other selections that this device supports.

  • Take the handle cleaner and immerse it carefully in the pool.
  • Select in advance the task you want the electric cleaner to perform.
  • Do not forget to remove the tank after cleaning, to remove the residue from the aspiration.
  • Finally, wash the tank and let it dry.

Opinions of pool robots

Those who have bought a pool robot say they are completely pleased, because their usability and mobility is simply great, in addition to the time they will be saved.

That is, the possibility of enjoying the pool while the pool cleaner does all the work for you is great. You won’t have to waste more time cleaning your pool.

They also comment that they are very simple to use, you just have to install the device, press the power button and it will do its job in about 2 hours, depending on the model. Users ensure that they are able to clean the bottom of the pool, walls, and waterline.

In general, the opinions expressed by hundreds of buyers about pool cleaners are excellent.

Pool cleaner prices

The price is definitely determined by the type of pool cleaner you are going to buy. If you are going to choose an electric, hydraulic or battery cleaner, the price will logically change; but one thing you must be sure, that you are going to acquire a useful and effective tool for the safety of your family, you will have a clean pool, which generates your tranquility, and the moments in which you will bathe in the pool, you will enjoy it Without fear, it is ideal.

Where to buy a pool robot?

Currently finding a pool robot is not a difficult task, as they have become so desired by people, that you can buy them in supermarkets, garden stores, online stores, and even in technology stores.

But we consider that the best platform to acquire your pool cleaner is Amazon since it is full of advantages. To start you can take your time to choose both the brand and the model that you like, you can also enjoy comparing the prices of pool cleaners to choose the one that suits you.

Similarly, Amazon is a secure platform you can trust, as you will have your support for any inconvenience that may arise.

You can also check the opinions section of other buyers to confirm that the pool robot you have chosen has been very useful for other people. With the benefits and practicality of pool robots, not having one turns out to be unforgivable.

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