Best Inflatable Pools for 2020

How fun it is for the little ones in the house to play in the water. And you don’t have to have a luxurious house with a pool for it. If you have a garden, patio, terrace, or you have some space – preferably outdoors – that can get wet, a great alternative for your children to entertain, and even learn to swim, is to install an inflatable pool.

However, adults also enjoy immersed in the water, on weekends, or during vacations. With a medium-sized inflatable pool, you can share family time while cooling off the heat, especially on those days of intense summer.

The most important

  • Inflatable pools are an economical variety of detachable pools usually made of plastic or liner. To enjoy them, just inflate them and fill them with water. They vary in size, price, material, and shape. Some are designed exclusively for children, but others, for the greater amount of liters of water they house, allow the whole family to enjoy them.
  • Punctures are enemies of the pools. To avoid them, it is important to choose the installation site well and, if possible, reinforce the base of the same with some protective floor mat that helps us to avoid breaking it. In the case of holes, the patches and glue usually included in pool repair kits are very useful.
  • Besides looking at quality and price, it is advisable to buy an inflatable pool that is easy to install and whose dimensions, capacity, and shape adapt to our needs. If it is large, it is better to include an air pump and purifier. Also, it is important to follow the recommendations on the pool and water cleaning to avoid infections.

What you should know about inflatable pools

The inflatable pools meet the requirements to offer guaranteed fun for both the little ones and the big ones in the house. Its ease of assembly, the versatility of uses that can be provided (playground or ball pool), make these pools the perfect gift to entertain anyone who enjoys water, games, or spending time with family and friends.

What exactly is an inflatable pool?

Inflatable pools are a type of detachable pool that generally does not need structures to support itself. They are the best alternative for those who cannot afford to pay the costs of manufacturing, installing, and maintaining their own pool. By not containing hard parts, they allow children to dive and play in the water without fear of hitting each other.

Compared to steel, plastic, and wooden pools, inflatable pools tend to gain more and more followers because, in addition to being cheaper, they do not require the use of sophisticated tools for assembly and serve both for children’s fun and adults as for the treatment of various health problems in which hydrotherapy is recommended.

What are the pros and cons of an inflatable pool?

There are fixed pools of various materials, such as stainless steel, polyester, or reinforced concrete. But their manufacturing costs mean that most of the time, we cannot afford to build one. However, detachable pools are a great alternative. Topping the list are also inflatables, with their advantages and disadvantages:

Fixed Swimming Pools


  • They last many years.
  • They are made of high strength materials.
  • Repairs are not usually frequent.
  • They can be as small or as large as you want.


  • High investment and maintenance costs.
  • Its construction can take from weeks to months.
  • More dangerous
  • Frequent bumps with the edges.

Inflatable Swimming Pools


  • Minimum costs
  • Few hours of assembly.
  • More secure.
  • You never hit the edges.
  • You can move them and install them wherever you want.


  • They usually last a few months or a few years.
  • Its materials are less resistant.
  • They usually require fixes with patches or glue because of scratches or punctures.

We have seen that, according to the budget we have, our needs and preferences, the use that we will give, and the time we have, it will be more or less advantageous to acquire an inflatable pool. But, in general, there are more favorable aspects of a removable pool of this type, especially considering the quality/utility/price ratio.

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Top Inflatable Swimming Pools

1. Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool


  • Perfect for splashing and playing, this fun pool is great for keeping friends and family cools all summer long.
  • Add some color and style to your backyard with the Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool.
  • Parents can get cozy on the built-in-bench while they watch their little ones enjoy the water.
  • Two air chambers, each with a combo valve, are included for quick and easy inflation and deflation.
  • Water Capacity: 156 gallons (12″ of wall height)
  • 88″ L x 85″ W x 30″ H inflated; 13ga vinyl; Parents get comfy on the building bench while the little ones enjoy the water
  • 2 air chambers each with combo; Capacity 12.5″ wall height: 169gal
  • Drain plug; Repair patch

Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

2. HIWENA Inflatable Family Swim Play Center Pool


  • Blue Design

The uniquely fresh blue design caters to the current minimalist design, making this inflatable family pool full of summer fresh air and cool for your hot summer days.

Applicable occasions: Summer pool parties, fun photo prop, indoor and outdoor, grass, garden. Of course, this pool can be used as a ball pit.

  • Soft Inflatable Floor & Built-in Drain Pipe

Super soft inflatable floor, a protective barrier for kids to play. Children have fun with this inflatable pool, and parents are more at ease.

Built-in drain pipe at the bottom of the bubble. You can use a hose to connect the drain to increase its length to drain the water to the designated location.

  • Built-in Drain Plug & Valve at the bottom of the Bubble

The built-in drain plug at the bottom of the bubble makes it easy to drain and drain quickly. After enjoying the family pool, simply open the drain plug to easily drain the water from the plastic pool for quick and easy access.

With the quick valve, you can inflate the bottom in a matter of minutes.

  • Fast Inflation and Deflation

With a fast valve, you can fill the kiddie pool with air in a matter of minutes. The inflatable swimming pool is quickly deflated with a double lock valve.

HIWENA Inflatable Family Swim Play Center Pool

3. Homech Family Inflatable Pool, Swimming Pool for Baby, Kids, Adult, Infant, Toddler


  • Spacious playroom for your family: The family inflatable swimming pool can hold up to 2 adults plus 3-5 kids to enjoy a splashing pool party in the backyard.
  • Durable & long life span: The inflatable pool is 50% thicker than most in the market, reducing the risk of punctures, ensuring a longer life span.
  • Safe & soft: Made with Naphthalene and Lead-Free, BPA-free material( CPSIA, CPC, and ASTM certificates )guarantee safety. The super-soft inflatable floor of this inflatable family pool, as a cushion between the ground and kids, increase kid protection.
  • Quick and easy: Inflate in 3-4 minute by an electric pump (not included), built-in 2 curve water valves double the drainage speed
  • Sturdy & stable: 3 individual air chambers each with double intake and free-flow exhaust valve which can withstand weight while preventing air or water leakage, so the swimming pool is always ready with fun for you.

Homech Family Inflatable Pool

4. Step2 Play & Shade Kids Outdoor Pool with Umbrella & Water Toy Accessories


  • Umbrella attachments: Kid’s play pool features umbrella pole clips for added water play fun!
  • Molded-in Pool Seat: The pool base features a molded-in seat and molded-in ocean creature designs.

  • Water Play Fun: Use the pool lip to clip on your little one’s favorite water cups.

  • Accessory Set: Play & Shade Pool includes a 7-piece water playset and shade umbrella.

  • Play & Shade Pool: Fun for all at this toddler pool party. Includes two molded-in seats, umbrella and funnel cups, and spinning wheel for endless sand fun. Designed to hold a 40” (101.6 cm) umbrella that nests nicely on the side of the pool, providing shade for your little one at play. Includes 3 funnel cups and a fun spinning water wheel that attach easily to the umbrella post for added play. Molded-in designs at the bottom of the pool provide traction for little toddler feet.

Step2 Play & Shade Kids Outdoor Pool

5. VIVI MAO Baby Kids Inflatable Swimming Pool


  • Premium High Quality: Vivi Mao premium inflatable swimming baby pool is made of non-toxic, odorless PVC material imported from Japan, making it very healthy and safe.
  • 3 Layer Lightweight Design: Inflatable swimming pool with 3-ring lovely ocean world design is extremely Lightweight, no leaking, very suitable for adults kids toddlers to swim and play.
  • Stylish & Durable: Lovely little animal design makes it very stylish. Adopting a safe, independent airbag design, built-in Boston valve, ensures it extremely durable, not easy to deform, and collapse.
  • Quickly Blowup & Easily Drain: You can blow up the inflatable swimming pool in several minutes with a pump through 3 separate valves of each ring. and easy to drain the water out of your pool by taking off the bottom valve.
VIVI MAO Baby Kids Inflatable Swimming Pool

6. Jasonwell Foldable Bath Pool Pets and Kids


  • Portable: foldable, easy to store and bring with you and your dog everywhere
  • Simple: no need of inflation, set up in no time. With bottom/side drain, easy to drain and refresh water
  • Slip resistant & durable: Made of extra-tough PVC. Thicker slip resistant material on the bottom
  • Size: available in 5 sizes
  • Environmentally friendly material: EN71, ASTM standard. Trim your dogs’ Nails before using the pool.

Jasonwell Foldable Bath Pool Pets and Kids

7. Intex 6ft x 20in Easy Set Swimming Pool


  • The Easy Set Pool is the perfect and convenient product to have fun on bright sunny days.
  • The Easy Set Pool is the perfect starter pool. Quick and super-easy to set-up and the right size for your younger kids.
  • The Easy Set Pool Water capacity: 886 Litres
  • Easy Set Pool dimensions: 183 cm x 51 cm
  • The Easy Set Pool builds itself as it fills and comes with a drain plug for easy emptying for customer convenience.
  • The Easy Set Pool is a robust and strong alternative because the sidewalls are made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability.
  • The Easy Set Pool is suitable for ages +3
Intex 6ft x 20in Easy Set Swimming Pool

8. Hiwena Inflatable Blue & White Durable Baby Pool


  • Inflated Size: 5 ft. (60 inches) It can accommodate small kids and adults to add fun to the family. Let the kids and the adults play happily together with this blowup pool!
  • Superior Material: The inflatable kid’s pool is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly PVC materials. Materials of the kiddie pool are safety tested.
  • Light & Fresh Colors: This kid pool is a perfect summer toy. It combines light and fresh blues and whites to make summer fresh and defeat the heat.
Hiwena Inflatable Blue & White Durable Baby Pool

9. Intex Swimming Pool- Easy Set, 8ft.x30in.

  • Imported
  • Easy-Set Pool
  • The filter pump is not included
  • Made of Heavy-Duty Vinyl Liner
  • Holds 639 gal. of Water
  • Easy to Clean

Intex Swimming Pool- Easy Set

What types of inflatable pools exist?

These pools differ in their materials (plastic, liner, polymers) and shape round, oval, hexagonal, and other regular and irregular shapes. Also, for its designs, measurements, and capacity: for babies (5-18 gallons), children (18-450 gallons), and adults (450 gallons onwards), although large and small, they usually share the games with each other.

For the uses they have, there are inflatable swimming pools to provide light baths to a baby or with slides, sprinklers, parasols, game center, balls, and hoops, etc. There are also hammock or hot tub, with armchairs, backrest, or coasters. And there are those of a lifetime, which simply fill with water and invite children and adults to cool off, swim, and play underwater.

Inflatable Pool for Adults

An inflatable adult pool is particularly interesting in summer and when the temperature is constantly above 25 degrees. In principle, the whole family can cool off with the inflatable pool. The adults can, of course, also go to a lake or go to the crowded outdoor pools, but the best thing to do is to buy your own swimming pool. An inflatable pool for adults is so popular because it can be set up very quickly.

The fixed above-ground pools made of wood or metal are often uninteresting because they take too much time. It is generally interesting that there are inflatable pools for all ages. The baby pools have been designed for the youngest, and there are also inflatable pools for adults. For adults, it usually doesn’t matter whether an inflatable pool is rectangular or round.

While suitable sun protection is often important for children and babies, this plays a rather minor role for most adults. A baby pool is the smallest version, then there is the larger paddling pool, and there are also large models for adults. All pools are usually available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. A quick-up pool for adults can be inflated within a short time, and the models are often made of plastic. You can check best inflatable pools for adults here.

Inflatable Pool for Children

If you are looking for the best children’s pool for your little ones, there are many different criteria to consider. In addition to size, type, and material processing, you should not neglect factors such as the price range, additional features, and simple assembly and disassembly.

Because the options are many, finding the best pool can be a difficult task. If the time is a constraint for you, but you still want to make a good decision in the shortest possible time, our buying guide can certainly help you, because, in this guide, we have summarized the best models for you. You can check best inflatable pools for children here.

Inflatable Pool with Slide for Children

Pool slides ensure real bathing fun in the pool. Children, in particular, love the variety and are quickly fond of slipping. For this reason, many parents want to purchase a pool slide.

There are pool slides in various shapes and sizes on the market. Getting to grips with this selection and choosing one of the slides can be a real challenge. Before buying, you need to check whether there is enough space in the garden for the slide. The processing quality of the pool slide and other factors are also decisive.

A pool slide test is, therefore, ideally suited to determine the best pool slides. Our article will introduce you to some good slides and explain why these pool slides made it onto our leaderboard.

In our extensive guide, we also deal with all the important points you should consider before purchasing. See more here.

What precautions should you take with children in the inflatable pool?

As mentioned earlier, the protective cover helps ensure children’s safety while the pool is not in use. But while using the pool, it is essential that you consider safety measures.

According to experts, children can play in the inflatable pool after six months. But there must always be an adult supervising the child at any age. This is because, unfortunately, drowning is a common cause of infant death.

Another safety measure is to put arm floats on the child. Still, very deep pools are not suitable for children. In any case, what will guarantee the child’s safety and avoid accidents is the permanent monitoring of an adult.

What steps should I follow when installing my inflatable pool?

Because of their materials and designs (regular: circular, square, hexagonal, and irregular: oval, rectangular), inflatable pools are installed more simply and quickly than other types. However, in addition to reading the instructions in the manual, we must follow certain steps to make the best use of our pool and make it last for many years:

  •  Choose a flat area without slope. Thus, in addition to preventing the pool base from deteriorating, we can take full advantage of its dimensions and maintain the same depth of water at all points. Some experts even recommend using a level to ensure that the area in which it will be installed has no slope.
  • Remove any object from the ground. However small, the element that we least expect can damage or break the pool base material. Therefore, it is necessary to remove anything that can act as a sharp object. Now, if we only have a rough surface, we will have to use some protective mat as a base.
  • Place a protective mat or canvasIt is advisable to use it on any type of soil, and it is essential to use it on rough surfaces or with imperfections. We must ensure that the size of the canvas or mat that we get is larger than the diameter of the inflatable pool so that the base is fully protected.
  • Inflate the poolOnce we have prepared the area where we will put our pool, we can inflate it, preferably using an electric or manual pump. We must read the instruction manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, especially regarding the optimum air pressure for our pool and the precautions to be taken.
  • Fill the pool with water. Using a hose is the best option when filling a pool. Ensure that the water is in optimal health conditions (that it is clean and that its chlorine concentration is adequate). It is better if you are present during this phase to avoid setbacks, especially so that the recommended number of liters is not exceeded.

How to keep the water in my pool clean?

After installation, and especially if we will use it for several days, we must ensure that the water is clean. To do this, we must first keep it in good condition. It is recommended to use a pool cover of adequate size when we are not using it and, before diving, clean the entire body with our hose, especially our feet.

It is also important, especially in large pools, to use sweepers and nets to clean the water, frequently use a filter or purifier and chlorine tablets. It is also recommended to change the water from time to time, especially in children’s pools, since it easily gets dirty and can be affected by bacteria and germs’ appearance.

How to repair an inflatable pool?

Although we take precautions with our pool, it is possible that at some point, it will be affected by a puncture or be damaged in some way. Therefore, patches, special self-adhesive tape for inflatable pools, and glue for patches are recommended (costs range from $ 1 to $20, depending on the type and quantity). Both usually come in pool repair kits.

First, it is necessary to locate the hole. Then two patches are taken to which the glue is applied. If the pool is empty, the bonding order does not matter, but if the pool is full of water, a patch is pasted inside the pool first (the glue is waterproof) and then an external patch. The pressure is exerted so that both remain firm and, problem solved!

Purchase Criteria

When the time comes to decide which inflatable pool we will acquire, preparing a list with purchase criteria can help us a lot. Here are some of the main factors to consider when choosing the pool that best suits your needs, tastes, and budget.

  • Quality/price ratio
  • Capacity and ages of use
  • Material, dimensions, and shape
  • Accessories included
  • Installation / assembly time

Quality/price ratio

We cannot deny that depending on the budget; we can choose one type of pool or another. However, there are brands, materials, shapes, and sizes for all pockets. We can find good offers if we take time for it and if we previously informed about the most important aspects when choosing the ideal model for us.

Therefore, we should know that an extremely economical pool probably has not been made with very resistant material, but if we only want it for a few days or weeks, it may be worth making the purchase. However, before doing it, always think about what you want it for and how much it costs, to know if it compensates you or not.

Capacity and ages of use

Look closely at the specifications of measures and the product capacity, since you can get a surprise if you read the information badly and you get a smaller pool than you expected. Usually, the size is expressed in inches, and the length is indicated first, then the width, and finally, the height.

With the capacity, there are usually no doubts since it is expressed in gallons. In addition to verifying its dimensions and depth, find out about the recommended ages of use and draw your own conclusions about whether or not it is the pool you are looking for. Thus, you will ensure that you, your children, neighbors, or friends can enjoy playing or swimming in it to the fullest.

Material and form

Inflatable pools are usually made of PVC, other plastics, and their derivatives, such as vinyl and polymers, among other materials. Likewise, it is increasingly common to use the liner, a reinforced PVC compound (plasticized polyvinylchloride) that is characterized by its flexibility, tightness, and resistance.

On the other hand, the shape of the pool facilitates certain uses. A rectangular pool allows several adults to lie in it. In a round pool, it is very nice to sit and talk while the little ones play in the middle. On the other hand, an irregularly shaped pool with a play center and slide is the ideal solution for your children to have a great time.


Depending on the brand and model you choose, the pool will come or not with a drain valve. Also, you can bring additional accessories. A baby pool can come with a removable chair. In swimming pools for children who are already walking, it is better to choose a model with a slide or sprinkler. If you want an adult pool, you can opt for a model with an armchair and coasters.

Other accessories that may come with the pool are a treatment plant, filter, or pump. Check their capacity and verify that, for the size of the pool, it will be sufficient. Otherwise, you better buy a pool without these additional accessories and, subsequently, purchase a suitable sewage treatment plant.

Installation / assembly time

It is recommended that you check how long it takes to set up your pool. This way, you will avoid headaches and disappointments. Once you have it with you, read the instruction manual before proceeding to install it. In this way, you can plan how you will make the assembly for your particular pool, and you can have the necessary tools at hand.


Inflatable pools are the best known as the removable pools. They are the favorite of the smallest of the house and also popular among the adult public, either for their manufacture with resistant materials (such as vinyl or multi-layer PVC) or for their increasingly large presentations and designs and multifunctional.

It is important to take various precautions with our pool, such as putting a protective floor mat, covering, and avoiding putting sharp objects in it. However, it may still be affected by a tiny hole or puncture. To avoid this, it is good to be prepared with glue and patches so that you can act quickly and avoid further damage.

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