Best Scuba Gear Packages for Santa Rosa Blue Hole

Anyone who has ever gone scuba diving knows that when they have the first time it means that the second time will be continued. Once you get into the impressive underwater world you will want to keep to be there as long as you can and discover all.

There is a lot of equipment that you will need to be able to dive into. So buying gear individually may seem like a daunting task that’s why we want to lead you to opt for the best scuba gear package, everything you need before jumping into the water.

Buying a complete and suitable package will give you peace of mind that you have the best scuba equipment for your next trip underwater. These complete scuba gear packages are reviewed by many customers and they also are popular products so we made a list of the top scuba diving packages.

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Best Scuba Gear Packages

1. Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD Scuba Gear Package


This is the best beginner scuba gear package that is incredibly durable standing tough against salt water and chlorine to retain its good looks so you can use it many years to come. You don’t need to have the bulk of wearing a weight belt because the BCD jacket comes equipped with integrated weight pockets.

Easy breathing is possible by a balanced diaphragm mechanism in the Titan regulator. To ensure an excellent range of motion during your dive thanks to the ABS Octopus has a low profile body style. This has to be at the top of the scuba diving gear packages list that you can find.

Model & Accessory Specs 

Package Details:

  1. Titan Scuba Regulator
  2. Aqualung i300C Computer Air and Nitrox Modes
  3. Pro HD BCD Wrap-Around Jacket With Weight Integration
  4. ABS Octopus

2. Oceanic Price Buster Scuba Gear Package

 Oceanic Travel Scuba Gear Package

The Oceanic Travel Scuba Gear Package is one of the most compact sets you need. The BCD in the package is lightweight with the completely adjustable waist and shoulder straps easy to strap on.

You will have the chance to quickly grab items like a knife or a waterproof diving camera thanks to additional packs on either side of your waist. The regulator fits comfortably in your hand even while wearing gloves and also the octopus is quite comfortable and easy to use.

Model & Accessory Specs

Package Details:

  1. OceanPro BC/BCD
  2. GT 3 Sport Regulator
  3. Alpha 8 Octo
  4. VEO 100 Scuba Dive Computer Console


3. Cressi Start Pro BCD Scuba Gear Package

Cressi Start BCD Regulator Scuba Gear Package

Cressi is a reputable scuba diving gear brand known for high quality durable complete scuba diving packages. To get in the water, choosing this gear is the best diving lightweight setup that covers everything you need.

The BCD that has been designed to be used for rental units and dive schools is made out of high-quality nylon. This shows the quality and long-lasting of this gear. Every gear of this scuba diving package is high quality and will keep you safe and comfortable in various dive types.

Model & Accessory Specs

Package Details:

  1. Cressi Start BCD
  2. AC2 1st Stage INT
  3. XS2 2nd Stage + Hose
  4. XS Octopus + Hose
  5. Mini C2 Gauge Analog Console


4. Cressi R1 BCD Leonardo Scuba Gear Package

Cressi R1 BCD Leonardo

This is the best affordable scuba gear package that checks all the boxes. With high-quality materials, an affordable price and everything you need for jumping in the water makes this gear an excellent buy. This package comes with a BCD that has integrated weight pockets.

Moreover, the BCD is made of high-quality material with a rigid back to make sure to last long. You will have expert agility maneuvering through the underwater world with three release valves. The Leonardo dive computer with its single-button interface is almost too easy to use.

Model & Accessory Specs

Package Details: 

  1. Cressi R1 Weight Integrated BCD
  2. Cressi Air/Nitrox Leonardo Computer Console
  3. Cressi AC2 Compact Regulator, Yoke
  4. Cressi Compact Octopus with Hose
  5. With Gear Up Guide Regulator Bag


5. Cressi Travelight 15 LBS Scuba Gear Package

Cressi Travelight 15 LBS Scuba Diving Package

This travel scuba gear package has been designed to be light and small enough to be easily carried or moved. You will be surprised when everything fits into a compact carrying case and is an astonishing 15 pounds. Not only this is a durable backpack but also it can carry everything including a mask and fins enough for you to jump into the water.

The BCD in the package is ultra-lightweight and designed for people looking to move around under the water. Even the regulator and octopus have been designed with weight perfectly suitable for you. But this doesn’t mean quality has been reduced. Available in 6 color schemes and 8 sizes, this Cressi package is guaranteed to fit your style and body.

Model & Accessory Specs

Package Details:

  1. Cressi Travel Light BCD MC9
  2. Compact Regulator Set
  3. Octo Leonardo C2 Console Dive Computer
  4. Akona Less Than 7lbs Roller Suitcase


6. Aqualung Zuma Travel Gear Scuba Package

Aqualung Zuma Travel Gear Scuba Package

This scuba diving equipment package will get you out on the water with ease by a complete scuba gear set. You can take this BCD with you anywhere thanks to a lightweight, compact design. You can clip your gear to your vest by stainless steel D rings. Two zippered pockets keep your gear secured while weigh pocket systems eliminate the bulk of carrying a separate weight belt.

A soft neck and rotating shoulder straps will make you feel comfortable. An extra large screen three display modes and a the included computer is incredibly user friendly. The comfortable and high flow orthodontic mouthpiece makes you dive more comfortable by a compact sized regulator adds to the design of this travel inspired dive package.

Model & Accessory Specs

Package Details:

  1. 1’st Stage, 2’nd Stage, Octopus, LP Hoses, Computer Console w/Pressure Gauge, HP Hose, BCD, LP QD Hose, Owner Manuals
  2. Complete Life Support System
  3. Regulator w/Octopus
  4. Computer Console w/Pressure Gauge


7. Mares Abyss 22 Regulator Scuba Gear Package

Mares Abyss 22 Navy Regulator Scuba Diving Package
Mares Abyss 42 Regulator Scuba Gear Package is one of our top dive gear packages on the market, this contains high-quality devices. BCD in the package is incredibly durable, weight integrated with 55 lbs of lift. This BCD is everything you are looking for with a quick-release waist strap and three overpressure relief valves. The BCD has 10 stainless steel D-rings. You are allowed to track your progress by the computer which has a 24 dive logbook.

This diving package also has three operating modes and an audible and visual alarm helps you to use it easily. You can do more with your device with three operating buttons so wear it on your wrist for ultimate comfort and ease. This scuba kit packages is separately designed for cold water dives. Allows you to get the most out of your use by an environmentally sealed regulator. A pre oriented mouthpiece is easy to install and easy to use with an ergonomic shape and a downstream valve. This dive gear package is suited for both beginners and advanced.

Model & Accessory Specs

Package Details:

  1. Mares Hybrid Pro Tec BC
  2. Mares Abyss 22 Navy Regulator Yoke
  3. Mares Air Control Alternate Air Source
  4. Mares Puck Pro Plus Wrist Dive Computer
  5. Phantom Aquatics Impulse 600 Torch with Mares Regulator Bago

8. Scubapro Litehawk BCD with BPI

Scubapro Litehawk BCD with BPI

With the Scubapro Litehawk BCD, you can enjoy a completely comfortable environment because of the comfortable strap system and added padding. From the back, the bladder inflates by a durable 420D nylon material. The soft neoprene neck pad will make you feel more comfortable because of the pressure off your soft spots and add comfort to your back.

Model & Accessory Specs

Package Details:

  1. Adjustable Belt-Style Waist Strap w/Nylon Buckle. Quick-Release Rotating Shoulder Buckles. Two-Position Sternum Strap
  2. 3-dump deflation system enables divers to dump air from a variety of underwater positions
  3. Constructed of 420 denier nylon for lightweight and long-lasting durability.
  4. Lightweight, perfect for travel: just 2,36 kg / 5.2 lbs


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