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Route 66 in Missouri: Top Attractions, Towns, Map, and Hotels along the Route

Route 66 in Missouri: Top Attractions, Towns, Map, and Hotels along the Route

Route 66 in Missouri covers a little over 300 miles. Along the route, you’ll traverse through stunning hill-laden landscapes, explore small-town America, and spend some time in major cities, including Springfield and St. Louis.

One of our favorite things about Route 66 in Missouri is the notable Missouri Route 66 towns. Sure, Route 66 has long since passed its heyday, but the towns here are still packed full of weird and wonderful attractions that pull in countless Route 66 travelers each and every year.

On this page, we will look at the top Route 66 attractions in Missouri. We’ll look at the best places to head before we wrap up with some of the best hotels and motels along the route. This should (hopefully) make your journey through this fantastic state so much more exciting. Plus, it should make it a bit easier to plan your epic drive.

Route 66 Missouri Attractions

We’re going to start with the amazing Missouri Route 66 attractions. While there are plenty of attractions along the route, we do understand that most of you wouldn’t have time to stop at each and every one of them. So, we figured we would focus on the ones we reckon you’ll get the most enjoyment from. These are the best-reviewed attractions we really enjoyed while traveling America’s greatest road.

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1. The Gateway Arch, St. Louis

The Gateway Arch, St. Louis
The Gateway Arch, St. Louis | Depositphotos/sepavone

Standing at a rather lofty 630-foot tall, the Gateway Arch is one of the more recognizable sights in St. Louis. Constructed from stainless steel, it is the tallest arch in the world. While The Gateway Arch is accessible, we don’t think Route 66 travelers need to head to the actual attraction. The hefty size means it can be seen from a rather sizeable distance.

When we traveled on Route 66 in Missouri, we were perfectly content snapping a few pictures, noting that it would be one of the more famous attractions along the route. At the risk of getting sappy – for us, The Gateway Arch was a symbol of a gateway to adventure. We suppose this was the original intention behind the design of the arch.

Address: Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO 63102

2. The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, St. Louis

The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, St. Louis
The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, St. Louis | Depositphotos/StockPhotoAstur

The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis, Missouri, was originally part of Route 66. Although, you can no longer drive over it. We doubt it would carry the weight of modern-day motor vehicles traveling over. However, you can park nearby and head over the bridge. Honestly, it is a rather stunning piece of architecture and is one of those marvels that shows that engineers sometimes get it wrong.

Notice that small bend in the bridge? That wasn’t planned. Halfway through the construction, the engineers realized their design wouldn’t work with the bedrock in the Mississippi River, so they had to adapt the design of the bridge on the fly. We are glad they did. Not just because if they hadn’t, the bridge probably would have crashed into the river, but because it means that the bridge remains a beautiful attraction.

Address: 10820 Riverview Dr, St. Louis, MO 63137

3. Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, St. Louis

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, St. Louis | Depositphotos/appalachianview

We couldn’t possibly imagine traveling along Route 66 in Missouri without getting some frozen custard from Ted Drewes. There are a couple of locations in St. Louis. Yes, we know that the sugar-laden treat probably isn’t going to be to everybody’s tastes (it wasn’t ours originally), but how can you possibly consider traveling this route without sampling one of the true culinary delights in St. Louis?

Address: 6726 Chippewa St, St. Louis, MO 63109

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4. St. Louis Car Museum, St. Louis

St. Louis Car Museum & Sales
St. Louis Car Museum & Sales

St. Louis Car Museum is a hybrid museum and classic car retailer. Although, if you’re traversing the route, we probably wouldn’t suggest you pick up a classic car here. We doubt many of them are capable of traveling that substantial distance. Still, they are nice to look at, and it is great having a bit of a wander around the St. Louis Car Museum and imagining some of these cars on Route 66 during its heyday.

Address: 1575 Woodson Rd St. Louis, MO 63114

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5. National Museum of Transportation, St. Louis

National Museum of Transportation | Flickr/artistmac

And for our final attraction in St. Louis, we have the National Museum of Transportation. This is the largest transportation museum in the world, with over 190 exhibits for you to look at. However, we genuinely think the best attraction at the National Museum of Transportation is the stunning 1833 Rail Coach (a train for the uninitiated). It is beautifully preserved, and you can’t help but imagine it doing the whole choo-choo thing as it crossed America.

Address: 2933 Barrett Station Rd, St. Louis, MO 63122

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6. Route 66 State Park, Eureka

Route 66 State Park
Route 66 State Park

We know that, for many, a trip along Route 66 is about the open road and exploring small town America which, we suppose, it is. However, good portions of Route 66 in Missouri will take you through nature, and one of the best parts is Route 66 State Park in Eureka.  As you can probably guess from the name, this was a staple part of a trip on Route 66. There is even a visitor center that shows some of the history of Route 66. Most people will spend their time lounging around in nature (there are some rest points) and enjoying the best of what Missouri has to offer.

Address: 97 N Outer Rd, Eureka, MO 63025

7. Big Chief Roadhouse, Wildwood

Big Chief Roadhouse | Flickr/DiAnn L’Roy

We absolutely love the dining options you’ll find along Route 66, and if you’re looking for decent dining (note: this is not fine dining), then the historic Big Chief Roadhouse Restaurant in Wildwood is tremendous.  Almost all the food here is farm-to-table fresh, and they have a decent menu. Perfect if you’re tired of all the diners along Route 66 but you still want an affordable meal.

Address: 17352 Manchester Rd, Wildwood, MO 63038

8. Meramec Caverns, Sullivan

Meramec Caverns, Sullivan
Meramec Caverns, Sullivan | Depositphotos/macropixel

How about something a little bit different? The Meramec Caverns are one of the must-see stops on Missouri Route 66. This 4.5-mile cavern complex is over 400 million years old and quite a sight. It has been featured as caverns in Hollywood productions and features one of the most stunning rock formations in the world – the wine table. This place is perfect for adults and children traveling along Route 66. You don’t have to be a geologist to appreciate a tour here!

Address: 135 Hwy W, Sullivan, MO 63080

9. Route 66 Rocker, Cuba

Route 66 Rocker
Route 66 Rocker | Dreamstime/Jon Rehg

Ah. That’s what we’re talking about! One of the joys of traveling along Route 66 is that you’ll often discover attractions that would be unfathomable on any other stretch of road, but they fit in so well on this route. The Route 66 Rocker in Cuba is one of these. It is the second-largest rocking chair in the world (yep, there is one larger than this). Unfortunately, you can’t sit on it, but it should be good for a few snaps.

Address: 5957 Hwy ZZ Cuba, MO 65453

10. Route 66 Mural City, Cuba

Route 66 Murals Cuba
Route 66 Mural City in Cuba | Dreamstime/Giuseppemasci

One of the joys of traveling around Route 66, and we don’t just mean Missouri Route 66 here, is small town America. Little out-of-the-way places that you may not have stumbled across otherwise. Mural City really showcases this. Mural City is the name given to the town of Cuba, a small town in Missouri. While Cuba is a thriving town in itself, the place knows that much of the tourism comes from Route 66 travelers, and it has opted to become an attraction in itself, so now you’ll find gorgeous works of art scattered around the city.

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11. Totem Pole Trading Post, Rolla

Totem Pole Trading Post, Rolla
Totem Pole Trading Post, Rolla | Dreamstime/StockPhotoAstur

The Totem Pole Trading Post has been in Rolla since 1933. So, generations of Route 66 travelers have entered this business and bought all sorts of supplies for the road. While it has almost closed down several times, it still has yet to be pushed over the edge. Most of what you find in the Totem Pole Trading Post nowadays is souvenirs of the route, but you may also find a few suppliers to enjoy too.

Address: 1413 Martin Springs Dr, Rolla, MO 65401

12. Uranus Fudge Factory, St Robert

Uranus Fudge Factory
Uranus Fudge Factory, St Robert | Dreamstime/Cynthia Hanevy

Fudge. Simple as that. Who doesn’t like fudge? It is stunning and is available in a whole host of flavors. Now,  the Uranus Fudge Factory has made pretty much every single joke under the sun related to Uranus and Fudge, so we couldn’t really come up with one of our own. All we can tell you is that if you love fudge, you need to stop over here while in St. Robert.

Address: 14400 State Hwy Z, St Robert, MO 65584

13. Mega Mayor Muffler Man, St Robert

Mega Mayor Muffler Man
Mega Mayor Muffler Man

Just another statue here. This is a 22-foot-tall statute of the mayor of St. Robert. Well, one of the past mayors, wearing an American-inspired costume. It is one of the newer Missouri Route 66 attractions, but it is still worth having your picture snapped next to it.

Address: 14797 State Hwy Z, St Robert, MO 65584

14. Giant Bowling Pin, Waynesville

Giant Bowling Pin
Giant Bowling Pin

It’s a giant bowling pin. Simple as that. We didn’t say that the Missouri Route 66 attractions had to make sense, only that they are fun to look at. We reckon this must be one of the more photographed attractions along the route, and we bet you won’t be able to stop grabbing a photograph or two of it.

15. Route 66 Food Truck Park Muffler Man, Springfield

Route 66 Food Truck Park Muffler Man

Remember the Mega Mayor Muffler Man from earlier? Well, this is pretty much the same concept. It is just there to advertise a food truck stop instead. While the Muffler Man is pretty cool to look at, he isn’t a patch on the amazing food you can find in this collection of food trucks. 100% worth checking out!

16. Gary’s Gay Parita, Ash Grove

Gary’s Gay Parita, Ash Grove
Gary’s Gay Parita, Ash Grove | Dreamstime/Cynthia Hanevy

If you want the perfect slice of Route 66 history, you’ll love Gary’s Gay Parita. It is a replica of a 1930s gas station (with a small gift shop). It is only a small place, but if you’re traveling Missouri Route 66, it showcases how people would have driven through the area almost 90 years ago!

Address: 21118 Old 66, Ash Grove, MO 65604

17. Route 66 Museum, Lebanon

Route 66 Museum, Lebanon
Route 66 Museum, Lebanon | Dreamstime/Wisconsinart

Wherever you are on Route 66, you should always try to make a beeline for the local Route 66 museum. They differ from state to state. The Route 66 Museum for Missouri can be found in Lebanon and accurately charts the history of Route 66 through Missouri. Expect lots of photos, old memorabilia, etc.

Address: 915 S Jefferson Ave, Lebanon, MO 65536

Where to Stay Along Route 66 in Missouri

Route 66 in Missouri is a big road, and you’ll want to enjoy all of the charming towns, so you will need somewhere to stay. This is why we have compiled this list of top hotels & motels in Missouri to enjoy your trip.

1. St. Louis Union Station Hotel

St. Louis Union Station Hotel |

First up on our list of Missouri Route 66 hotels is the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, operated by Hilton. Originally built in 1894 and then converted to a hotel a few decades later, this stunning building still retains all the majesty of its original architecture. As this is a Hilton Hotel, you can expect a wealth of luxury features. This includes a fitness center and an outdoor pool. There is even a 100-foot waterfall and a 3D light show. Sure, many people will need to stretch their budget a bit if they stay here, but trust us, it is worth it.

Address: 1820 Market St, St. Louis, MO 63103

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2. Drury Plaza Hotel St. Louis at The Arch

Drury Plaza Hotel St. Louis at The Arch
Drury Plaza St. Louis at the Arch |

Remember when we said earlier that The Arch is one of the highlights of a Route 66 road trip through Missouri? Why not consider resting your head a stone’s throw away with a stay at the Drury Plaza Hotel? In comparison to the St. Louis Union Hotel, this place is pretty cheap to stay at. Plus, you’re close to the entertainment district in St. Louis, so there are some good eats around. Not that you’ll need to. The hotel has a free breakfast and other free extras (including 5:30 dining). All rooms include Wi-Fi.

Address: 2 S 4th St, St. Louis, MO 63102

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3. Magnolia Hotel St. Louis

Magnolia Hotel |

Have you ever been to a hotel and received welcome chocolates on your pillow? Well, that idea came from the Magnolia Hotel in St. Louis. This boutique hotel is perfect for those who want to treat themselves to a dash of luxury while they’re in the city.  Stay at this 182-room hotel, and you’ll be in Downtown St. Louis, which will put you close to many of the star attractions in the city. Stay in the hotel, and you can enjoy access to great food, a fitness center, Wi-Fi, and more. You can even have your pet stay here for free!

Address: 421 N 8th St, St. Louis, MO 63101

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4. Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven, Springfield

Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven
Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven | Dreamstime/Mrcmos

We’re going to put the luxury hotels to one side for a while and focus on the Missouri Route 66 motels. After all, not everybody has the budget to enjoy a life of luxury on Route 66. Plus, many people think staying at a hotel goes against the spirit of Route 66.

The Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven is a basic motel, but at least it has a big brand behind it. Expect affordable prices. The rooms boast a new 50s décor, free breakfast, and more. This motel will put you right on Route 66 (and the décor of the rooms will tell you more about this historic site). This does mean that you are within spitting distance of all the top attractions in and around Springfield.

Address: 203 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65802

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5. Rockwood Motor Court, Springfield

Rockwood Motor Court
Rockwood Motor Court |

Do you want a true piece of Route 66 history? This motel was built in 1929, and staying here will put you in exactly the same rooms people stayed in while traveling the route back then. However, don’t worry! The place has been given an update several times since then!

Rockwood Motor Court is kitted out with classic décor and Route 66 memorabilia.  The Rockwood Motor Court offers simple living (as with all motels) but some great amenities, including a porch with a BBQ and fire pit. You’ll also be close to the Route 66 district in Springfield, so you can enjoy the businesses and attractions it has to offer.

Address: 2200 W College St, Springfield, MO 65806

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6. Rest Haven Court, Springfield

Rest Haven Court, Springfield
Rest Haven Court, Springfield | Dreamstime/Yaniv Adir

Also located close to the Route 66 district in Springfield is Rest Haven Court. With prices starting at $65 a night, this is an incredibly affordable motel to stay at. You won’t get many amenities for your cash (bar, continental breakfast and free wi-fi), but if you want a comfortable, clean motel to rest your head, we don’t think you can do much better.

Address: 2000 E Kearney St, Springfield, MO 65803

7. The Wildwood Hotel, Wildwood

Wildwood Hotel
Wildwood Hotel |

You’ll have to deviate a little from Route 66 for this boutique hotel, but it is only 30 minutes outside of St. Louis, and if you have the cash, then it is more than worth checking out. This luxury hotel boasts laundry facilities (perfect for longer trips on the road) and a fitness center. Every so often, they’ll have fantastic accommodation deals, so you may be able to stay in comfort for not a lot of cash. You’ll be within easy reach of St. Louis here, but it is much quieter since you won’t be in the heart of a bustling city center.

Address: 2801 Fountain Pl, Wildwood, MO 63040

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8. Pinemark Inn, St. Clair

Pinemark Inn
Pinemark Inn |

Pinemark Inn in St. Clair was named one of the top 100 places to stay in the US, which isn’t too bad considering it is a budget location. The Pinemark Inn sits roughly at the halfway point between St. Louis and Springfield. You’ll be right on Route 66 and very close to Meramec Caverns. These comfortable rooms don’t offer many amenities, but you can enjoy a hot breakfast every morning.

Address: 866 S Outer Rd, St Clair, MO 63077

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9. Wagon Wheel Motel, Cuba

Wagon Wheel Motel, Cuba
Wagon Wheel Motel, Cuba | Dreamstime/Jon Rehg

The Wagon Wheel Motel is the oldest continually operating motel on Route 66, so you have a little bit of history there! It has been in operation for 85 years now, and it is a staple visit for many traveling through Cuba (particularly to visit Cuba). Lots of famous faces, old vehicles, etc., come through here. However, as historic as it is, it is still a motel. This means basic amenities (Wi-Fi, outdoor patio) at a discount price. You’ll be within walking distance of Cuba, plus a few museums.

Address: 901 E Washington Blvd, Cuba, MO 65453

10. Super 8 Wyndham Cuba, Cuba

Super 8 Wyndham Cuba
Super 8 Wyndham Cuba |

If you want an ideal base of operations while you explore the nature surrounding Route 66, then a stay at the Super 8 Wyndham in Cuba may be perfect. The rooms are basic but comfortable. They all come with a complimentary light breakfast. You’ll be within walking distance of several restaurants and bars. However, the highlight will be that you are just 8 miles from Steelville. A drive here will put you in the heart of nature, where you can hike, swim, kayak, and more. It is a perfect break from the route!

Address: 28 State Hwy P, Cuba, MO 65453

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11. Munger Moss Motel, Lebanon

Munger Moss Motel, Lebanon
Munger Moss Motel, Lebanon | Depositphotos/StockPhotoAstur

This is one of only a few family-owned motels on Route 66, and the Munger Moss Motel takes great pride in this. When you stay at the motel, you’re treated like family. The Munger Moss Motel has newly decorated rooms (in a Route 66 theme) and boasts free Wi-Fi. It is simple, but it does feel homely. It is on Route 66 and the perfect place to stay if you plan to check out some attractions in Lebanon.

Address: 1336 U.S. Rt. 66, Lebanon, MO 65536

12. The Manor House Inn, Lebanon

Manor House Inn
Manor House Inn

The Manor House Inn in Lebanon was originally built in 1903 and, at one point, was a motel for Route 66. However, it has now been converted into a beautiful hotel. Because it was used as a private residence for a while, The Manor House Inn retains some of that charm when you stay there. It is almost as if you have been invited into somebody’s home. It is very spacious and oh so comfortable. It is on Route 66, so you don’t have to go out of your way to stay here.

Address: 505 E Elm St, Lebanon, MO 65536

13. Boots Court Motel, Carthage

Boots Court Motel, Carthage
Boots Court Motel, Carthage | Dreamstime/Brian Scantlebury

There aren’t many motels on Route 66 that are famous enough to have their own Wikipedia page, but the Boots Court Motel does. This historic motel had a bit of a downturn when Route 66 started to become less traveled, and there were points where many thought it was a goner.

However, the Boots Court Motel now looks amazing through extensive renovation (and probably lots of blood, sweat, and tears). It tries to replicate the 1940s décor, and every room boasts that. Interestingly, they take it to a new level by avoiding including TVs in every room (to stick with that 40s charm), but you do get a radio!

Address: 107 S Garrison Ave, Carthage, MO 64836

14. Best Budget Inn, Carthage

Best Budget Inn
Best Budget Inn |

Finally, we have the Best Budget Inn in Carthage, which, while a budget location, has a few amenities you can enjoy. This includes an outdoor pool and BBQ facilities. All rooms include a TV, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi.  The décor is simplistic, but it is an excellent place to rest your weary head after a long trip on the road.

Address: 13008 Missouri 96, Carthage, MO 64836

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Interactive Map of Route 66 Missouri Attractions

Frequently Asked Questions

What towns in Missouri does Route 66 go through?

Route 66 goes through St. Louis, Springfield, Carthage, Lebanon, and Cuba.

How long is Route 66 in Missouri?

Route 66 in Missouri is 317 miles long.

What are the most famous Missouri Route 66 stops?

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is the most famous stop on Missouri Route 66.  Route 66 State Park is a close second.

What is the most unusual Route 66 attraction in Missouri?

The most unique Route 66 attraction is the Route 66 Rocker in Cuba. It is the world’s second-largest rocking chair.

Final Words

There you have it. If you’re heading on Route 66 across Missouri, you know what to see and where to stay. However, do bear in mind that this is a road over 300 miles long, at least in Missouri. So, we haven’t covered all the Missouri Route 66 attractions. We’re positive that as you drive through this amazing state and across this brilliant road, you’ll find even more fantastic places that grab your attention, so why not explore them? That’s the joy of being on Route 66. Seeing unique things. The adventure.

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