To snorkel it is not necessarily to use fins, but it makes snorkeling more fun and without getting tired so fast you can see a much larger area. In general there is no difference between snorkeling and diving fins. For snorkeling they often choose adjustable fins (but it is not necessary!). Footpads are generally lighter and more flexible and are used in hot water.

However, in recent years there are more and more adjustable fins that are suitable for snorkeling. In general they are a bit more expensive. On this page you can find a  lot of information about the different fins and theirs different characteristics  . In this article we summarize the best fins.

A good fin has a good propelling force so that it can move in the water quickly and flexibly. The fin does not come out of its foot, but it is certainly not tight either, otherwise it may have cramps. In terms of size, it is equal to your foot number but it is advisable to try them before buying and using them!  Water socks  can increase the comfort of wearing fins.

How much do the fins cost?

How much can fins cost? It already has good fins for 22 to 28 USD. Are you a beginner or do you prefer to buy everything at once? It can. There are several  complete snorkel sets  for sale. Are you advanced and want to buy a pair of professional fins? These fins can cost 50 to 100 USD or more.

The best fins for snorkeling

The following fins, classified by price, give good results related to the driving force vs. flexibility, speed / acceleration, use of material and comfort. Click on the image to order them in Amazon.

The best fins and frog legs for children

Children grow fast, and also their feet, so most people do not want to spend a lot of money on fins (or frog legs) that the next year no longer go. Tip: You can buy a larger size and wear water socks.

some good fins for children are in Amazon with different prices. Through Amazon for 23 USD. The fin is available in the colors blue and yellow, from shoes 29 to 36. The fin is made of light and resistant rubber and is easy to put on and take off. It is certainly one of the best fins for children. This fin is also available as a set from size.

Travel fins

A fin to take on trips is the Cressi Light. Due to their light weight and small size it is easy to carry them in the suitcase. The fin is designed for swimmers and for use in the pool. However, you can snorkel with these fins comfortably in calm water. An alternative is the Trek Fins of US Divers.

If you want more driving force, the use of this type of fin is not recommended.