How to Keep Your Apartment Safe While Away Traveling

Nothing sounds as sweet right now as getting out and away from home and getting to see the world. But, unfortunately, it’s impossible to carry everything with us, so we have to leave our belongings and apartments behind when we go.  This can be scary to imagine.

If you’re traveling and your apartment is going to be vacant for a week or more, consider some of these tips to keep your home safe.

The Classic Light Timer

Light timers have been a tried and true tool since they first became widely available.  Although usually used for holiday decor, these lights can allow any electronic that works on a plug to be turned on and off while nobody is home.  This can be useful with lights, as well as with things like radios. These create the appearance of someone’s house so that nobody tries to break in.

The more modernized version is a smart-home setup!  You can purchase smart bulbs and a smart speaker like a Google Home or an Amazon Alexa and set them to turn your lights on and off whenever you want or play music at certain times of the night.

Having A House Sitter

The average house sitter charges between thirty to fifty dollars per day to ensure that your home is occupied, so any issues are noticed immediately.  This can be good for those who live in more prone to break-ins or who have pets or plants that need more attention.  Unfortunately, this is very expensive, and most people with Lincoln apartments don’t find it cost-effective enough to do.

Paying for a Home Alarm System

Home alarm systems aren’t just for houses!  You can purchase items ranging from door-alarms to full alert systems that will notify you and then the police if they notice any movement within the apartment.  Unfortunately, these systems are rather expensive, and some apartments don’t allow for anything this invasive in case they have to get in to stop flooding or help with an emergency repair while you’re gone.

Ensuring You Have Good Insurance

Good renters insurance won’t stop anyone from breaking in, but it will allow for you to rest easy, knowing your items will be replaced or paid for if anything happens to them.  The average renters’ insurance is between thirty to fifty dollars a month, which can seem cheap when you need it to cover a break-in or some damages.

Don’t Be Public About Your Travels.

Although most of us like to update our social media to let everyone know where we’re going and when to try not to be public about your travels in the weeks leading up to it, if someone who knows where you live sees that you’re out of town, they may see it as a sign that they can waltz in and take whatever they want.  Avoid this problem by only posting afterward or ensuring that your apartment is secure and someone is there to watch it while you’re gone.

Travel comes with enough stress: there’s no reason that you should also be stressing out about your apartment.  Plan ahead, and enjoy your vacation.

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