Here’s What You Have To Do Before You Leave On A Vacation

When it is time to leave on your vacation, there are several things you worry about and you have to deal with. It is completely normal to forget about some very important things that you should have done before you left. This is exactly what we will focus on in the following paragraphs. The travel tips below will surely help you to have a better vacation.

Alert The Credit Card Company

To make sure that the credit card will actually work when you will be on the road, the credit card company sometimes needs to be aware. Usually, you just have to contact them by phone and you will then be told if the card will work or not. Do not blindly believe that it is going to work. Also, you have to double check with credit cards so you are 100% sure there is enough credit on them.

Get In Touch With The Phone Company

One thing you might not be aware of is that the service provider might not have you on a cheap plan when it comes to international phone calls or text messages. Even internet access can be tricky from the smartphone. Fortunately, most phone companies do offer highly affordable day passes or plans that include minutes or data for international communication.

Don’t Forget About The Home Security System

When you leave for more than 2 weeks, you should get in touch with the local police department. You can inform them that you will be gone. Obviously, this is useful in smaller communities. And, if you have a home security system, you can always let them know so they are going to be aware.

Confirm Your Reservations

A day or so before you leave, double-check reservations. This includes restaurants, the flight, car rentals, hotels, attractions, and everything else you might have planned. One of the worst things that could happen would be to be negatively surprised as you reach them. This would ruin your day, week, or even entire trip.

A great extra thing you could do would be to print out all your confirmations. At least write down the details and the numbers of customer service.

Check For Due Dates As You Are Away

You should make advance payments for all bills with due dates for when you are on your trip. This includes things like housing expenses, credit cards, and all the other monthly bills. These have to be paid or you would end up faced with fees when you come back home.

Take Care Of Perishable Food

Another horrible experience you could be faced with is that of returning home to be faced with a fridge filled with decaying food. You want to throw out, give away, or eat perishable food. In addition, make sure you take out your trash, clean the sinks, and run your dishwasher. This would keep bugs away from the home.

Clean Out The Wallet

From time to time, it is possible that your wallet ends up filled with items that are simply not needed. Remove all those you will not require on the trip. This includes things like gift cards, loyalty cards, and the extra credit cards.

Stop Mail Delivery

Always stop the delivery of your mail whenever you will be away for over 2 days. If this is not something possible, you should at least talk to a friend or a neighbor so they can collect mail as you are away.

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